I am a Staff Research Scientist at Visa Research where I work on Cryptography and Secure Computation. I received my Ph.D. at Oregon State University with advising by Mike Rosulek. My primary research interest is the development and applications of efficient methods for computing on encrypted data.

I began my career in cryptography at Oregon State University in 2015 with the goal of advancing the field of cryptography to meet real world constraints. Most notably is the notion of being able to compute on encrypted data and the area of research known as Secure Computation:

A group of distrusting parties wish to compute a function on their private data sets. The parties should learn the output of the function but no additional information about the data sets themselves.

The potential of this technology captured my imagination in 2014 during the completion of my undergraduate in Computer Science at Oregon State University. Since then I have worked on several projects in this area. Most notably has been the development of a highly optimized protocol for performing Secure Computation and advances in Private Set Intersection for both malicious and semi-honest adversaries.

I view my research as part of the solution to our most challenging privacy issues. In particular, when strong privacy concerns inhibit the utility of data, e.g. medical data. I am interested in overcoming this tradeoff.

Prior to Visa Research I was an intern and research consultant at Microsoft Research where I worked on projects involving fully homomorphic encryption and secure computation more broadly. Eariler in my career I also worked at Boeing & Digimarc doing software engineering.

Curriculum Vitae

Updated May, 2018.
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